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Meet Sally & the Gang from the Cookies & Chance Mysteries!

Sally Muccio (2016_12_24 17_54_22 UTC).j

Sally (Sal) Muccio

After a disastrous marriage, she's back home in Colwestern, New York to start life fresh with her baked goods. But when a high school nemesis drops dead on the bakery's front porch, murder and mayhem begin to follow her at a happy rate. Is there really something to those messages in the fortune cookies she hands out to customers?

thumbnail_Josie Sullivan.jpg

Josie Sullivan

Sal's best friend is also head baker and decorator at Sally's Samples. With a saucy mouth and a flaming temper to match her hair, she's married with four little boys but never too busy to be Sal's sidekick in an investigation.

thumbnail_Mike Donovan.jpg

Mike Donovan

Sal's first love and the man she never got over. A misunderstanding on prom night with Backseat Brenda led to their breakup and Sal's marriage to another man. A construction worker by trade, he's ready to work with his hands in more ways than one now that Sal's back in town.

Brian Jenkins (2016_12_24 17_54_22 UTC).

Brian Jenkins

The new cop in town who's interested in more than Sal's chocolate chip cookies. He has two goals: Get Sal to go out with him and stop her from meddling in police affairs.

Gianna Muccio (2016_12_24 17_54_22 UTC).

Gianna Muccio

Sal's baby sister has both beauty and brains, plus a low tolerance for the crazy antics of her parents. Goal: Become a lawyer and move out before she becomes like them.

thumbnail_Grandma Rosa.jpg

Grandma Rosa

Affectionately referred to by Sal as "my rock" and Gianna as "the only sane one in the family," she's always there to disperse sound advice and the world's best cheesecake. And maybe, just maybe, she's a bit psychic as well. Fortune cookies, anyone?

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