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It Cannoli Be Murder

Italian Chef book #2

It’s time to serve some just desserts…


Six months after her husband’s death, Tessa Esposito has a lot on her plate. She’s trying to drum up reservations for her restaurant’s grand opening, and since a signing with bestselling author Preston Rigotta is sure to draw a crowd, Tessa whips up her famous Italian desserts for her cousin Gabby’s bookstore event. But the signing soon takes a sour turn when Preston’s publicist, an old high school nemesis of Gabby’s, arrives and quickly begins to stir up old grudges.


That night, a fight breaks out in front of the crowd, and it becomes clear there’s bad blood in Harvest Park. When the publicist is found dead on the bookstore floor the next morning with stray cannoli by her side, Tessa knows who the prime suspect is. To clear both her and Gabby’s name, Tessa must investigate and soon learns that the publicist was hiding many secrets and none of them were sweet…


Coming July 28, 2020!

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