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Killer Under Contract
Cindy York book #6

There's no such thing as the perfect house, especially when karma comes to call.

With the real estate world thriving and her daughter’s wedding right around the corner, Cindy York is busier than ever. The bridal couple is searching for their first home and Cindy is only too happy to help. When they locate their dream house, Cindy is less than thrilled to discover that the listing agent is Hillary Ryder, a condescending snob who once dated Cindy's husband before they were married. For her daughter's sake, Cindy agrees to make a fresh start. But when she arrives for the listing appointment and finds Hillary's lifeless body, she realizes that her troubles are just beginning.

After Hillary’s death is ruled a homicide, her boss pleads for Cindy's help. She doesn’t want to get involved in another murder investigation, but it soon becomes apparent that someone doesn’t want this house to sell. What kind of secrets are lurking inside? Cindy is determined to close the deal, but she might die trying...

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