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In the Blink of a Pie
Maple Syrup Mysteries book #3

Sometimes, there's no one you can crust...


It's Thanksgiving in Sugar Ridge, Vermont, and Leila Khoury, manager of Sappy Endings Farm, is ready to usher in the holiday season by hosting a pie-baking contest. The day is meticulously planned, from the judging panel to the maple lattes, and Leila can't wait for the entire town to enjoy some sweet treats.

But when a neighbor drops dead from sampling a poisoned pumpkin pie, it's not just Leila's perfect day that's in jeopardy—her livelihood is now at stake. And after yet another near-fatal incident, she realizes an even more terrifying truth: the killer wasn't targeting her neighbor, but someone even closer to home! 

Can Leila figure out who's behind the murder, before the dough hits the fan?

Includes delicious holiday pie recipes!

Coming October 22!
Preorder Now:

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